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 Contact  Ian Eyre  m. 0778 756 4881
  Recipients wear loose clothing during treatment usually received on a futon. 
A session is excellent for relaxation, alleviates physical pain and
benefits the mind, emotion, spirit.
In this way can bring about long term well being.
Good for all ages, enhances mobility, general health,
 pre surgery and
Safe during pregnancy and can help with fertility.
Safe when taking prescribed medicine.
You may be asked to consult your Doctor before a session.

After a session exercise and diet may be recommended.
Call Ian
m. 0778 756 4881 to make an appointment
Visiting Available.
Licensed with the Zen School of Shiatsu.
Member of: Zen Shiatsu Society.
Surrey Shiatsu Society.
English Traditional Karate Association
Japan Karate Association
Insured with Balens.

A massage couch or chair can be supplied
if you cannot manage a futon on the floor.

Workshops and one to one:
Introduction to Shiatsu with meridian exercises.
Introduction to Traditional Karate 'none contact' for
general health and self defense.
  'Shin Tai Do' gentle dynamic moving meditation.
Playing with Energy/Ki/Chi
Help achieve what seems impossible.
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